Hp FM08 16-Pin Laptop Battery for HP Omen 17-AN000 17-AN013TX AN014TX 922752-421

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  • Replace Part Number: FM08 HQ-TRE TPN-Q195 922752-421 922753-421 922976-855 922977-855 HSTNN-LB8B HSTNN-LB8A(This FM08 battery have two types of connector, 16-PIN connector and 12-PIN connector. This is a 16-pin connector FM08 battery.)
  • Compatible Models: HP Omen 17-AN000 17-AN013TX 17-AN014TX 17-AN014NG 17-ab007ur 17-ab080nz 17-w219nf 17-an000 17-an000ng 17-an000TX Series.

  • Compatibility

    Compatible Models:

    For Hp Omen 17-ab007ur, 17-ab080nz, 17-w219nf, 17.3 i7-6700HQ, Omen 17-an000, Omen 17-an000ng, Omen 17-an000TX

    For For Hp Omen 17-an004ng, Omen 17-an008ur, Omen 17-an009ng, Omen 17-an009tx, Omen 17-an010ng, Omen 17-an011ng

    For Hp Omen 17-an013ng, Omen 17-an013TX, Omen 17-an014ng, Omen 17-an014TX, Omen 17-an015ng, Omen 17-an016ng

    For Hp Omen 17-an023ng, Omen 17-an024ng, Omen 17-an025ng, Omen 17-an026ng, Omen 17-an027ng, Omen 17-an028ng

    For Hp Omen 17-an029ng, Omen 17-an030ng, Omen 17-an031ng, Omen 17-an032ng, Omen 17-an033ng, Omen 17-an034ng

    For Hp Omen 17-an035ng, Omen 17-an037ng, Omen 17-an038ng, Omen 17-an039ng, Omen 17-an040ng, Omen 17-an041ng

    For Hp Omen 17-an042ng, Omen 17-an043ng, Omen 17-an044ng, Omen 17-an048ng, Omen 17-an049ng, Omen 17-an051ng

    For Hp Omen 17-an072ng, Omen 17-an080nz, Omen 17-an090nz, Omen 17t-3AW55AV_1 and more.

  • Warranty: 6 months  warranty (send a new replacement battery Swollen batteries are not covered in replacement.)
  • If you have any questions, please contact us and we will reply by email within 24 hours.