HP KI04 battery 800049-001 Original HP Battery

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Compatible with Part Number :

800050-001 800049-001 800010-421 800009-241 800009-421 HSTNN-DB6T HSTNN-LB6R HSTNN-LB6S HSTNN-IB6X KI04 K104 TPN-Q158 TPN-Q159 TPN-Q160 TPN-Q161 TPN-Q162 TPN-Q163 N2L84AA#ABB N2L84AA#UUF N2L84AA

Compatible with HP Laptop Models:

for HP Pavilion 14 Series:

14-AB000 14-AB100 14T-AB000 14T-AB100

for HP Pavilion 15 Series:

15-AB000 15-AB100 15-AB200 15-AB500 15-AB038TX 15-AB157NR 15-AB292NR 14-AB006TU

15-AK000 15-AK100NE 15-AB000AU 15-AB100TX 15-AN001TX 15-AN001LA15-AN002TX 15-AN003TX

15-AN004TX15-AN050NR 15-AN005TX 15-AN006TX 15-AN007TX 15-AN008TX 15-AN009TX 15-AN010TX

for HP Pavilion 17 Series:

17-G000 17-G000NA 17-G000NC 17-G000ND 17-G000NF 17-G000NK 17-G000NV 17-G000UR 17-G001NA 17-G001NF 17-G001NK 17-G001NU 17-G002NA 17-G002ND 17-G002NK 17-G002NO 17-G002NS 17-G003NG 17-G003NK 17-G003NM 17-G003NO 17-G003NS 17-G003NU 17-G003UR 17-G004NK 17-G004NO 17-G004UR 17-G020NR 17-G020NZ 17-G020UR 17-G021NF 17-G021UR 17-G022UR 17-G023NG 17-G024ND 17-G024NG 17-G024UR 17-G025DS 17-G025ND 17-G026DS 17-G026NA 17-G026UR 17-G027DS 17-G027UR 17-G028DS 17-G099NR 17-G005NA 17-G054UR 17-G056UR 17-G057UR 17-G061UR 17-G062UR17-G070CA 17-G077CL 17-G084CA 17-G099NR 17-G101AU 17-G101AX 17-G102AU 17-G102AX 17-G100 17-G100NA 17-G121WM 17-G122DS 17-G119DX 17-G113DX 17-G102TX 17-G103DX17-G193UR 17-G194UR 17-G195NG 17-G195UR 17-G196UR 17-G198UR 17-G199NR 17T-G000

for HP Pavilion 17t-g100

for HP Pavilion 17z-g000

for HP Pavilion 17z-g100


                           Warranty : One-year by HP



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