Battery for T530 T430 T520 T420 T510 T410 W530 W520 W510 L530 L430 L421 L420 L512 45N1005 45N1004

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Compatible with the T410/20/30, T510/20/30, W510/20/30, L410/12/20/21/30, L510/12/20/30 systems,The rechargeable battery utilises Lithium-Ion technology and works with the ThinkPad External Battery Charger (40Y7625).

Fits Models : Lenovo T430 battery thinkpad lenovo t420 battery lenovo t530 battery lenovo t430s battery lenovo t520 battery lenovo w530 battery lenovo t510 battery lenovo w520 battery

Battery Capacity : 4000 Mah

Warranty : 6 months (no warranty on damage)