Brainy Pi - Single Board Computer (SBC)

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Brainy Pi is a Single Board Computer (SBC) designed for enterprise applications. The key
differentiation of this project is ‘Customisation Option ’ of both Hardware and software .

This means enterprises can prototype on this board and when they want to scale, we can custom design hardware for their specific needs and all software will be ported to the customized board by us .

Additionally this project offers the flexibility to move to a completely new hardware post
prototyping stage while retaining best parts of the code from the prototype.

The Shunya team can also optimize the software layer as per the needs of the customer.
Brainy Pi brings the best of Raspberry Pi ecosystem with its hardware compatibility and
software compatibility of Rbian with Raspbian giving you speed and access to the full
ecosystem support of Raspberry Pi yet keeping an easy path to going towards mass
production without starting mass production from scratch.



2.1 Hardware
• Dual Cortex‑A72, frequency 2.0Ghz with quad Cortex‑A53, frequency 1.6Ghz
• Mali T860MP4 gpu, supports OpenGL ES 1.1 /2.0 /3.0 /3.1 /3.2, Vulkan 1.0, Open CL
1.1 1.2, DX11.
• 1GB/2GB/4GB 64bits LPDDR4
• Dual display via HDMI/MIPI DSI
• H.265/VP9 (HEVC) hardware decode (up to 4Kp60)
• H.264 hardware encoder (up to 1080p60)
• Support dual display, mirror or extend mode
2.2 Interfaces
• 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wireless LAN
• Bluetooth 4.2 with BLE
• 1x SD Card
• HDMI ports supporting displays up to 4Kp60 resolution
• 2x USB2 HOST ports
• 1x USB3 HOST port, 1x USB3 OTG port
• 1x Gigabit Ethernet port (supports PoE with add‑on PoE HAT)
• 1x camera port (2‑lane MIPI CSI)
• 1x display port (2‑lane MIPI DSI)
• 40x user GPIO supporting various interface options:
– 1 x UART
– 2 x SPI bus
– 2 x I2C bus
– 1 x PCM/I2S
– 1 x SPDIF
– 1 x PWM
– 1 x ADC
– 6 x GPIO
– 2 x 5V DC power in
– 2 x 3.3V power pin


2.3 Software

• ARMv8 Instruction Set
• Rbian (raspbian compatible)/ Shunya Linux support
• Android 7.1/Android 9.0/Android 10/11 support
• GPU enabled AI stack such as Caffe/Tensorflow/Pytorch
• Hardware access/control library for Linux/Android


                Electrical Specification

Power Requirements
The Brainy Pi can be powered in multiple ways, smart power adapter as well as fixed
• USB PD 2.0 Support USB Type C PD 2.0, 9V/2A, 12V/2A, 15V/2A, 20V/2A
• Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0 Support QC3.0/2.0 adapter, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
• Power adapter with fixed voltage from 6V to 24V on the USB C power port
• 5V Power from the GPIO PIN 2 & 4

                       GPIO Voltage

GPIO Voltage Level Tolerance
GPIO3_C0 3.3V 3.465V
ADC_IN0 1.8V 1.98V
Other GPIO 3.0V 3.14V


                                     Camera and Display Interfaces

The Brainy Pi has 1x 2‑lane MIPI CSI Camera and 1x 2‑lane MIPI DSI Display connector.


The Brainy Pi has 2x USB2 HOST, 1x USB3 HOST and 1x USB3 OTG type‑A sockets.
Downstream USB current is limited to approximately 2.8A in aggregate over the four
A hardware switch is available for upper USB3 HOST/Device status change.


The Brainy Pi has a 1x HDMI port, which supports CEC and HDMI 2.0 with resolutions up to 4Kp60.

                                                Audio Jack

The Brainy Pi supports near‑CD‑quality analogue audio output via a 4‑ring 3.5mm
headphone jack.
The analog audio output can drive 32 Ohm headphones directly.

                                         M.2 Connector

High speed SSD access is provided via the M.2 M Key SSD socket with PCIe 2.0 x4

                                         Temperature Range and Thermals

The recommended ambient operating temperature range is 0 to 50 degrees Celsius.
To reduce thermal output when idling or under light load, the Brainy Pi reduces the CPU
clock speed and voltage. During heavier load the speed and voltage (and hence thermal
output) are increased. The internal governor will throttle back both the CPU speed and
voltage to make sure the CPU temperature never exceeds 85 degrees C.
Though the Brainy Pi will operate well without any extra cooling generally for sprint
workloads. For deployments with continuous load or operation at constant high temperatures


We guarantee long term availability of this board until 2030*
*For volume customers only. In case of phase out of Core SoC a pin to pin compatible board with higher configuration based on Armv8 will be made available.6
at full performance, please design appropriate cooling .


                                                Usage instructions :

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