HP BP02XL battery for HP Pavilion 15-Au series, Pavilion 15-Aw series

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  • 【OEM SPECIFICATIONS】Battery Type:Li-ion. Color: Black; Voltage: 7.7V; Capacity: 4000 Mah Each of our batteries is produced in accordance with the specifications of the original battery and is 100% compatible with your laptop.
  • This laptop Battery works with HP Pavilion 15-AU004NG, 15-AU010NG, 15-AU010WM, 15-AU011NG, HP Pavilion 15-AU014NG, 15-AU018WM, 15-AU020WM, 15-AU022TX, HP Pavilion 15-AU023CL, 15-AU013NG, 15-AU034TX, 15-AU041TX, HP Pavilion 15-AU025NG, 15-AU028CA, 15-AU030NR, 15-AU030WM, HP Pavilion 15-AU035TX, 15-AU037TX, 15-AU038TX, 15-AU040TX, HP Pavilion 15-AU046NG, 15-AU050TX, 15-AU057CL, 15-AU063CL.
  • Perfect Replacement for HP BP02041XL 849569-421 849569-541 849569-542 849569-543 849909-850 HSTNN-UB7B HSTNN-LB7H TPN-Q172 TPN-Q175 2ICP7/65/80
  • Warranty : 6 Months by Sellers ( Swollen Batteries are not covered in warranty bcs its happens due to improper charging not using battery for long time (kept on idle) wrong charger used
  • Product is a Compatible Bis Certified battery

        Imp Point : Swollen Batteries are not Covered in warranty bcs its caused due to improper usage


Compatible Laptop Models:

HP Pavilion:

15-AU072SA, 15-AU076SA, 15-AU077SA, 15-AU078SA, 15-AU086NIA, 15-AU095TX, 15-AU105NG, 15-AU111NG>

15-AU087NIA, 15-AU090TX, 15-AU091NR, 15-AU095ND, 15-AU106NG, 15-AU107NG, 15-AU108NG, 15-AU109NG

15-AU113NG, 15-AU114TX, 15-AU116NL, 15-AU123CL, 15-AU063NR, 15-AU134TX, 15-AU136NG, 15-AU136TX

15-AU137NG, 15-AU137TX, 15-AU144TX,15-AU153TX, 15-AU145NG, 15-AU145TX, 15-AU146NG, 15-AU146TX

15-AU147TX, 15-AU148TX, 15-AU149TX, 15-AU150TX, 15-AU151TX, 15-AU154TX, 15-AU155TX, 15-AU156TX

15-AU157TX, 15-AU158NR, 15-AU158TX, 15-AU159NR, 15-AU160TX, 15-AU163TX, 15-AU164TX, 15-AU165TX

15-AU171TX, 15-AU178TX, 15-AU502TX, 15-AU620TX, 15-AU624TX, 15-AU626TX, 15-AU628TX, 15-AW001CY

15-AW002LA, 15-AW003LA, 15-AW004AT, 15-AW004NG, 15-AW004NT, 15-AW006NG, 15-AW053NR,15-AW068NR


Compatible Part Numbers:

BP02XL BP02041XL


849569-421 849569-541 849569-542 849569-543 849909-85

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