Laptop Battery Compatible for DELL WJ5R2, Precision 3510, Latitude 5570

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Compatible part numbers (p/ns): WJ5R2, Precision 3510, Latitude 5570

IMPORTANT Tips about Dell WJ5R2 Laptop Battery:

  • Dell WJ5R2 Battery Specs and Size are the same as that of the battery shipped in new supported Dell laptops.
  • New Dell WJ5R2 Laptop Battery may come in discharged/ partially charged state and it should go through 2-3 charge/ discharge cycles to achieve its optimum efficiency.
  • When charging a new Dell WJ5R2 Laptop Battery your computer power meter may indicate that charging is complete after a few minutes, don’t worry about it and just remove the battery and install it again and repeat the charging procedure.
  • Dell WJ5R2 Battery Replacement requires some technical skills to install it and user can either install it or hire a technician to do it. Please refer DIY (Do-It-Yourself) videos available on Youtube for your convenience.
  • It is important to fully charge and fully discharge rechargeable laptop batteries after every 2 weeks, failing to do so may decrease Dell WJ5R2 Battery Life.
  • Dell WJ5R2 Battery Backup will be the same as you received in a new laptop because this battery has same specifications.
  • If your Dell WJ5R2 Battery not charging then please try a different charger to verify because this problem may occur due to a faulty charger also.
  • If Dell WJ5R2 Laptop Battery will not be in use for a long time then it is recommended that you should remove it from the device and store it in a cool, dry and clean place.