Laptop CPU & GPU Cooling Fan for ASUS ROG Strix G531, G531G, G531GT Series Cooler L+R Pair

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Item Features:

This is a new and genuine replacement fan set. .

Compatible Model:

 For ASUS ROG Strix G531, G531G, G531GT, G531GU, G531GV, G531GD, G731G, G731GV, G731GW, G531GW, GL731GT, GL731GU, GT-BI17N6, PX531 FLKL, FMMM, FMMN, FLKJ, FMMP,

Compatible Part Numbers:

13NR01L0T02011, 13NR01L0T01111, 13NR01L0T02111, 13NR01L0T02211, 13MR01I0P01011, 6033B0083101, 6033B0083401, 13N1-8TM0211, 13N1-8TN0111, DFS5K12115491M-FLKJ, DFS5K12115491M-FMMP, DFS5K12304363N-FLLB, DFS5K12304363L

Package Includes:

Cpu Cooling Fan + Gpu Cooling Fan


Please check your cooling Fan and compare it with our listing photo to ensure that this is the item you need. Please be informed that using your laptop model and fan part number is not sufficient basis to identify the correct replacement because they might have different appearance, pin connector and might not work at all series. It would be better to remove your current fan from your laptop and compare it with the picture contained within the listing. Also please be informed that our item are all sorted according to compatible laptop models. You will receive any of the part numbers mentioned above. All are compatible replacement. It can be used interchangeably. Photo is for reference only.