Lenovo 20V 3.25A Slim Power Adapter Charger for G560 G570 G580 Z570 (5.5x2.5 mm)

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  • Designed For: Lenovo G450, G455, G465, G470, G475, G570, G575, G770, U310, U410, U510, U460, Y460, Y470, Y560, Y550p, Y570, Z360, Z370, Z380, Z460, Z465, Z470, Z480, Z400, Z500, Z570, Z580, Z585, etc,.
  • Output Voltage: 20 V 3.25 A.Power Consumption: 65 W.
  • Warranty : 6 Months By Seller (Warranty Only for Adapter , Not for free power cord supplied)
  • Imp Note : Buyers Please check Your laptop Adapter output before buying ,the adapter output is 20v and if your laptop requires less output adapter i.e 19v ,15v etc then this adapter can cause damage to your laptop

     Product is a Compatible Adapter