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In The Box: Pulse Oximeter Device + Batteries


 features  precision sensors for easy and clinically accurate results. It is a quick & precise method to check Pulse Rate (PR), Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), and Pulse Bar Graph readings within seconds on a large size TFT display.


Features easy to read digital display. Carrying an excellent design, this fingertip pulse oximeter comes with a large size TFT display.  The bright large screen rotates in 4 directions to provide you a clear view of all your measurements for an easy read.


This product is intended for spot check of PR, Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), and Pulse Bar Graph at home or during outdoor sports activities like running, biking and rock climbing, etc. Its finger chamber is latex-free and wide enough to fit on a wide range of finger sizes.    


This is a lightweight and compact size device which is easy to carry with you for use either at home or outdoor. A lanyard and 2X AAA batteries are included in the package for convenience or use anytime, anywhere.


Package includes everything needed to use it right out of the package. 2 AAA batteries included in the package for your convenience.  One set of batteries can give you up to 30 hours of continuous monitoring.


This is a small clamp-like device which can be placed easily on the fingertip. Press the button, a small beam of light passes through the finger and afterward the display will show the result. 

 Accuracy – measures the oxygen concentration in the blood with a minimum deviation of +/-2% and measures the pulse rate with a minimum deviation of +/-2 bpm

Display – Color screen with a multidirectional display, provides your spo2, pulse rate, spo2 wave form, pulse index (strength of signal) and the battery status indicator

Design – Battery Operated, Portable Device

Alarm – User Configured Alarms

Kit Contents – Oximeter Unit, User Manual (Free 2 AAA Batteries Provided with the Product)

Warranty – 3 Months

How to use:

  • Install 2 AAA batteries
  • Put one finger into a rubber hole of the device with nail upward
  • Release the clamp press power button to turn on the device.
  • The device will automatically be powered off when no finger in the device for some time
  • Please avoid any movement while using the device for getting accurate results

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